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Psychological disorders / diseases


a) Phobia

It is a psychological disorder when the patient is having excess irrational fears of animals, insects, environment, speed, sitting alone, sitting in a closed room, height, excess fear of death, diseases, and accidents. Social phobia is widely seen in youth having fear to meet people, face audience, mingle with people, be in a gathering, face an interview, face opposite sex etc. Psychotherapy alone is required to cure the phobia. Medicine has no role in this disorder.


b) Depression

Number of depression patients is very high in our society. It is estimated that 40 % of our people suffer from depression. Depression patients are brought for treatment when they become violent or make attempts for suicide. Depression has four stages.
During the first stage it is very easy to cure with psychotherapy. On advancement of stages patient shows withdrawal and feels isolation, leading to suicide attempt. Different types of depression observed are Bipolar or Manic Depression, Unipolar Depression, Hypomania etc. In adolescence, depression comes which is termed as “masked depression”. Phobia is also followed by depression. Psychotherapy is required in large scale, medicine to contain uneasiness.

c) Schizophrenia

Patient thinks and acts away from reality, living in a dreamy world. Hallucinations like visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory are the symptoms appear in common. Delusion is a particular stage of hallucination of unrealistic beliefs. Depression and phobia are followed by schizophrenia. Psychotherapy in large scale is essential and medicine is to be used to avoid casualties.

d) Paranoid

Patient believes that others are plotting against him to harm. Delusion also appears unreasonable and unbelievable. Doubts appear which others cannot digest. Depression and phobia are followed by paranoia. In some cases symptoms of schizophrenia also appear which is termed as Paranoid Schizophrenia. Psychotherapy in large scale is essential and medicine to contain casualties.

e) Sexual Disorders

In many psychological diseases sexual problems appear. Apart from that there are sexual disorders like Homosexuality, Premature ejaculation, Orgastic dysfunction, Masochism, Sadism, Incest, Voyeurism, Frottage etc. Psychotherapy alone is the remedy for these disorders.

f) OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder is widely seen in adolescents and youth. In Malayalam it is called “ Ozhiyabadha”. Mental thoughts coming against his beliefs and disturb repeated action to derive satisfaction. Psychotherapy is the only remedy.

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