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Psychotherapy Process


It includes Psychoanalysis, Psychodrama, conditioning, interpretation, suggestions etc. All these involve close communication between therapist and patient.
It helps the patient to get an insight of his problems. Psychotic individuals are so disturbed that medical intervention is necessary before such patients are amenable to psychotherapy process using relaxation techniques, the patient will be brought to deep relaxed stage.

Human brain has four stages i.e.; Beta Level is alert level where electric impulses are at the maximum i.e.; 14 -28 cps, below that is Alpha level having cps 7-14, then Theta level

with cps 4-7 and the at the bottom is the delta level with cps 0 to 4. It is the stage of Alpha level or Theta level, conditioning and suggestions are done. Most of the psychological problems are in the subconscious mind. These thoughts and emotions are influenced and conditioned through this process. It takes minimum 1 ½ hours for a session. Depending on the nature of problems long term treatment is required with good number of sessions. In case of major diseases it is required to undergo psychotherapy for a period of 3 to 6 months depending on the gravity of the problem. Relaxation, conditioning and suggestions can be recorded and given to patients to practice it daily in the morning and in the night just before sleep. Continuously on hearing and getting an insight, patient’s mindset gradually changes and get conditioned. Patient's mental thoughts are disassociated which are to be associated to have clear vision.

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