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What is Psychotherapy ?

The word Psychotherapy means treatment of mind. When psychological problems get worsened physical symptoms start to show. Patient feels uneasiness, sleeplessness, tiredness, violence etc in physical level. To cure physical ailments and uneasiness, medicines can be used. However the problem is with the mind which should be cared, consoled, motivated and conditioned – which can be termed as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).  Not only the physical and mental ailments are to be removed but also to make the patient fit to get back to normal life and mingle with the society, which is through Social Therapy.
Psychological problems shall be treated in three levels :

  1. Psychotherapy 2) Medication 3) Social Therapy

In developed countries for all sorts of psychological problems, Psychotherapy is widely used and medicines are used to the minimum. For social therapy rehabilitation centres are there to equip the patient to get to the normal life. In our society, rehabilitation process is not all cared, thereby even recovered patients cannot mingle in the mainstream. In most of the psychological problems, medicine is not at all required. However our people have a wrong notion that only with any type of medicine, ailments can be cured. Some people mistake counseling as psychotherapy. Counselling is only a part of Psychotherapy. It’s role is limited and it cannot be applied for psychological diseases. For interpersonal problems, tensions, in primarily level counselling is effective. Counselling is done to sort out problems in conscious level. It cannot be applied for deep level problems connected with psychological diseases.


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